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Association Of Addiction Advisors


The “Association of Addiction Advisors”


FAQ. What is the Association of Addiction Advisors?

It is a group of like minded people wishing to offer unbiased advice to vulnerable people. 

We believe that anyone advising vulnerable people should have a code of practice similar to professional bodies, that protect both the advisor and advisee. 


What benefits do I get by becoming a member?

We will offer free advise and reduced price courses on current methods in helping those with Substance use issues and processes use issues. Those you are advising can check you out. 


What are the main issues those helping others face? 

Rejection, burn-out, helplessness, self blame, being manipulated, and expensive treatment bills. 

Many helpers working online are commission based and can be pressured by their employers to guide a patient to the most profitable treatment centre, rather than the most beneficial to the patient. We are in favour of private treatment facilities, we are in favour of advisors being rewarded for their time and effort. But we are wholly against vulnerable people being pressured into parting with large sums of non-returnable money, when the patient does not have capacity to think through the consequences. Any member found to be pressure selling vulnerable people will be removed from our membership. We will offer training courses for them and require evidence they are willing to change. 

We just want those who advise for a living, to be up front with their customers. 


Do I have to be employed in treatment to be a member?

No. You may, as part of your daily work have to deal with someone with an issue distracting them from their work or family. Being a member of the AAOA May offer those struggling to accept what you have to say. 

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