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M6 Health opened it's doors 2019 running community goals groups in a social setting, in a CBT based model we got people together to make small achievable improvements in their lives adding up to significant changes, mainly based around eating habits, exercise and Social Media. 

When covid hit we paused our business. While in lock down   we re-grouped, invited another Director with eighteen years experience to join us and took the decision to become a training company with a difference. We now provide courses to teach people to help others. 


"Addiction is any behaviour that you find pleasure in, in the short term, and obsess about, but in the long term causes you problems. But despite those problems, you are unable to give it up" 

                      Gabor Mate.


Everybody knows someone who has become dependant on a substance or behaviour. Some are more serious and progressive than others. Let's look at addiction. 


Most people associate addiction with alcohol, drugs, food or process addictions like gambling. M6 Health teach proven solutions to these and many more addictions. We explain what rehab is, offering a full week-long rehabilitation experience, giving you all of the tools you need to help someone considering spending tens of thousands of pounds on residential treatment to make the right decision.   We aim this courses at anyone with an interest in the subject, but especially those who advise addicts needing support. 

We explain the Twelve Step Programme in another two courses which has been adopted by most rehabilitation services and is taught for free in AA, CA, NA, GA  and all of the other Twelve Step Fellowships. This is hugely successful and has been compared with medical, religious as well as therapeutic models. The truth is, it's is a mixture of all three. We offer an initial one day person-to-person workshop at a venue near you. We also offer a one week personal Twelve Step Experience, and a Twenty Eight Day introduction to applying the Twelve Steps to your own life, which is the best way to help others. The twenty eight day course includes an intensive one-week direct person to person training and three weeks of application in your own life followed by full completion workshop with graduation ceremony. Other courses include SMART Recovery, "Through the Rooms" recovery and therapeutic Models and Coaching. 

The number of people with addictions is enormous, and with the epidemic of internet addiction it's getting worse. In the UK an estimated four percent of citizens have a substance or tech use disorder. M6 Health will continue to improve the quality and veriaty of the training we offer. We are about to launch a Society of Addiction Advisors who will advise based on a code of practice to ensure ethical advise to such vulnerable people is given.

Please Let us know your interests and we will endeavour to provide a training opportunity near you, If we cannot help you, we will endeavour to point you in the right direction. Please remember we re not providing treatment for addictions, we are providing education and training based on many years of practical experience delivering rehabilitation. We help you help others. 

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